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Irreversibility analysis was investigated by using refrigerants R22, R407A, and R407C in window type air conditioner system. The experimental study was conducted at various ambient temperatures and air volumetric flow rates to determine the parameters that cause the energy degradation of the system. The irreversibility was compared with respect to volumetric flow rates of the air passing through evaporator (14.15, 12.74, and 10.618 m3/min) and different ambient temperatures (ranging from 28 ◦C to 39 ◦C dry bulb. Results show that the total irreversibility increases with refrigerant mass flow rate and ambient temperature for the three refrigerants. Additionally, R22 shows the highest irreversibility in low ambient temperature (28 ◦C to 30 ◦C) while R407A shows the lowest one with ambient temperature ranging from 30 ◦C to 36 ◦C. Both tested refrigerants are very good replacement for R22 in terms of irreversibility and energy analysis and these results are more remarkable with R407A.
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